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Akinator is a video game that is available on multiple platforms. Objective of the game is to try and guess the character that the player is thinking of by asking a series of questions. If the player is successful in guessing the character, they will be awarded points. This can be played against an AI opponent or Akinator game human player. This uses artificial intelligence to generate questions based on the player's responses.


Characters are all well-designed and the background is also attractive. This is easy to look at, is pleasing to the eye. This has cartoon-like appearance, which makes Akinator play appealing to children. Graphics are colorful and well-designed. Characters are all recognizable, backgrounds are detailed.


The gameplay is simple but challenging. Players must Akinator free answer a series of questions about they are thinking of, AI will try to guess who it is. Players must answer series of questions Akinator download truthfully in order to progress. Questions are generated by artificial intelligence algorithm, they become more difficult as goes on. 


This also has multiplayer mode, which is test skills against other players. Multiplayer mode is also challenging, player will need to use their deduction skills in order to win. If the player Akinator game free answers a question incorrectly, they are given hint to help them out. This is easy to navigate, interface is user-friendly.


There are over 700 in the game, you can also create their own ones. This is due to fact that game has a large number of characters to choose from, fact that game's artificial intelligence Akinator download for PC ensures that no two games are same.


  • It is able to read your mind, guess.
  • This features unique artificial intelligence that is able to accurately guess.
  • It is also able to ask you questions in order to narrow down field of possible characters.
  • This features from different media, Akinator game download for PC including books, movies, television shows, video games.
  • It is also able to learn new ones as they are introduced into media, making it ever-evolving.


  • How does Akinator work?
    This uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm to read your mind, figure out which you are thinking of.
  • How do I play it?
    You simply think of character, it will ask you a series of questions about that character.
  • How accurate is it?
    This is usually accurate, but not always. Sometimes it may take few tries to guess correctly.
  • How do I know if it is reading my mind?
    This does not explicitly say that it is reading your mind, Akinator game for PC but you can tell by the questions it asks, accuracy of its guesses.
  • Can it read my mind if I am not thinking of specific character?
    Yes, it can read your mind even if you are not thinking of specific.


This is a fun and challenging that is perfect for those who enjoy deduction. Graphics are colorful and cute, gameplay is simple but challenging. Multiplayer mode is a great way to test your skills Akinator for PC download against other players, replayability is high thanks number.

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